Jiasi Shen

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Jiasi Shen 沈嘉思
Ph.D. Candidate, MIT EECS & CSAIL
  • [firstname][at]csail.mit.edu
  • +1-617-253-7768
  • 32 Vassar St, 32-G730, Cambridge, MA 02139
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I am a Ph.D. student advised by professor Martin Rinard at MIT. I received my bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Peking University.

My main research interests are in programming languages and software engineering. My broader interests include computer systems and security. I aim to improve software development by automating tasks that currently require substantial manual engineering effort. My research focuses on developing automatic techniques that analyze, manipulate, and transform software.

Selected Papers

  • Active Learning for Inference and Regeneration of Applications that Access Databases
    Jiasi Shen, Martin Rinard
    TOPLAS 2021: ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems

    We present Konure, a new system that uses active learning to infer models of applications that retrieve data from relational databases. Konure comprises a domain-specific language (each model is a program in this language) and associated inference algorithm that infers models of applications whose behavior can be expressed in this language. The inference algorithm generates inputs and database configurations, runs the application, then observes the resulting database traffic and outputs to progressively refine its current model hypothesis. Because the technique works with only externally observable inputs, outputs, and database configurations, it can infer the behavior of applications written in arbitrary languages using arbitrary coding styles (as long as the behavior of the application is expressible in the domain-specific language). Konure also implements a regenerator that produces a translated Python implementation of the application that systematically includes relevant security and error checks.

    Paper (pdf)
  • Active Loop Detection for Applications that Access Databases
    Jiasi Shen, Martin Rinard
    Submitted to OOPSLA and currently under revision
  • POSTER: Automatic Synthesis of Parallel Unix Commands and Pipelines with KumQuat
    Jiasi Shen, Martin Rinard, Nikos Vasilakis
    PPoPP 2022: 27th ACM SIGPLAN Annual Symposium on Principles and Practice of Parallel Programming, poster

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